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A new generation of designers from HKU and Sint Joost Breda presents a personal fascination 

Spread over the close locations of AG and Kunstliefde, 36 up-and-coming design talents built a  special presentation. Unfortunately, due to the measures related to Covid, this exhibition cannot be visited live,  but you can now experience the projects online via this website! 


For a newly developed educational program based on What is Fashion? twenty third-years  students of HKU Fashion Design and sixteen students of other specializations from HKU and Sint Joost Breda a  explored and shaped personal fascination. In Signature Statements they present the results of a study  with underlying themes such as belonging, identity, culture, religion and escapism. Their divergent visions are  represented through various media, such as outfits, sculptures, photos, videos and installations, sometimes focusing more  on the concept and others rather on the material effect is central. In doing so, the project provides a dynamic and  picture of what concerns this new generation of designers, and how they want to position themselves in a rapidly  changing world.

Rens van den Akker | Tiare Angenent | Iza van den Baar | Marvin Beekman | Lott Bonnemaijers | Elmas Canatan | Jim Dodge |  Barbara Dijks | Anna van den Driest | Kay Etema | Rianne Faasse | Brechtje Happiness | Christy Greeve | Sjuul Greens | Coco van den Hanenberg | Julia Hernandez Krebber | Nova van Herwerden | Sophie van Iersel | Joep Janssen | André Konings | Elisa van Maaren | Chaimae El Masmoudi | Alain Meijnhard van Schoor | Romy Muntingh | Emma Pastor | Jaas Roeper | Senne Roeper | Farah Sahupala | Caitlynn Schijff | Iza van Slooten | Romy Smeets | Luke Spiering | Berber Struiksma | Diever Zandvliet

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