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Living Lab

The Municipality of Utrecht collaborated with the Province of Utrecht, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management and the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate in
a Living Lab to make Utrecht a 'Smart and Healthy City'. For this purpose, the Living Lab devoted 3 years of knowledge development and innovative design research in the field of a healthy urban living environment. This was categorized in four subjects: Circular economy, Sustainable and clean mobility, Climate-neutral and climate-robust city and Design and layout (behaviour).


For the conclusion of this event, we have developed a method to summarize this research.

With an interactive presentation, we translated 8 of the studies into 2D/3D animations, target audience interviews and an interactive model. By placing the colored buildings in the model, the various animations start to play. This makes the research understandable for everyone. This installation provides a way to enter into a dialogue with the parties involved or the target audience of a large-scale project.


November 2018 to October 2019



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