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For the European IRIS project we have built the game 'It's all good in the Neighborhood' in collaboration with the municipality of Utrecht.

it is a game about Utrecht, that takes place in the Kanaleneiland-Zuid district. The entire neighborhood is being made more sustainable thanks to the IRIS project.

We put all technologies involved in IRIS into the game, such as: solar panels, neighborhood batteries, insulation, heat recovery units and smart meters. 

We have built the game for the curriculum of the students of groups 7 and 8 of the primary schools and the first and second graders of the highschools in Kanaleneiland-Zuid. The game introduces the students to sustainable techniques and helps with the career choice towards technology.

During the development of the game, we have tested several prototypes with the target audience.

For example, we have tested and refined the game mechanics several times with paper and digital prototypes. We have done research in the neighborhood into what is going on around the IRIS project and what the residents think of it. 

The game is finished and can be played by everyone! Will you manage to make the neighborhood more sustainable together with your friends?



January 2022 - februari 2023


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