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Dag en Nacht

Together with Arcam we created and designed the exhibition 'Fluid matter' .

We have used all kinds of open data that have been made available by our project partners.

The main part of the exhibition consists of 4 interactive models of areas of Amsterdam built by us;

The City center and Kattenburg, Van der Pekbuurt, Haven-stad and the Houthavens,  IJburg and the IJmeer.

The models consist of laser-cut MDF (black through and through) with 3D printed buildings on it, straight from the Digital Twin of Amsterdam. We have also designed our largest graphic print to date. On the whole ground floor of Arcam you will find a floorsticker from the area IJmuiden to the IJmeer, designed by yours truly.

Fun fact: We have 3D printed almost half of all buildings in Amsterdam in these models.



April 2022 - July 2022

Scale and material


MDF through and through black, 3mm

MDF blank, 6mm

3D printing resin transparent

Cast resin


Need something alike?

Okay, Let's do it! Contact us below. 

Nothing is too crazy and we're quiet good.

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