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Scale model

Sub Terra

In the late summer of 2021 we did a very unique project. Commissioned by the architecture center in Amsterdam (arcam), we built a model of the Oosterdok area in Amsterdam. What makes this model interesting is that it consists for the most part of things that are underground! Think of all the different pipes and cables that lie in this area, tree roots and piles, bunkers and air raid shelters. 

This project was our largest pressure cooker of 2021. We went from the first phone call to delivery in 3 weeks. Now you might think: How is that possible?! 

Well, for this project we used public data. The buildings came from the Digital Twin of Amsterdam, the soil maps tell us where the tunnels are and where the treeroots lay. We received the data for the pipes, cables and tubes from the Municipality of Amsterdam. It was our mission to translate this data into a visual, spatial model. 

Fun fact: 700 tree roots and 1000 piles have been integrated in this model. 



September 2021


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