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Save the astronaut

An astronaut has broken loose from his space capsule!! Can you save him? 

'Save the astronaut' is a game we developed with the National Space Museum, which is located in the Aviodrome.  Our goal for this game was to guide people through all the interesting parts of the exhibition. Well, of course you can do that with a game!  Parts of a rocket are hidden throughout the collection. Think of fuel tanks, parachutes, navigation instruments, etc. These must be collected to build a rescue rocket to bring the astronaut safely back to Earth. 

What started as a fun interactive idea now turns out to be a centerpiece in the space exhibition.

The game has been completed nearly 10,000 times in two years. And that's while museums were of course only open to a limited extent due to the corona measures. It also appears to encourage players of all ages to work together in the search for all parts. Of course a desired outcome, but certainly a surprise is that it turns out to work so well! In short, a nice project. 

You can play the game online on this page, but of course it's much more fun to go to the Aviodrome and do it there. Do try to break that high score!


October 2019 to August 2020




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