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The Dokkumer abbey tower

The Dokkum Abbey Tower stood on the Dokkum market from the early Middle Ages until about two centuries ago. A piece of history that, like many others, is slowly being forgotten because they are no longer there.

But the tide has turned for the tower, it's back where its foundations are still underground! No longer will he survive only on a number of paintings and sketches, but lifelike on the market!


Thanks to a collaboration between Museum Dokkum and Musarium (which is our sister company), the tower can now be seen on the market for everyone. 

Using Augmented Reality and GPS, a digital reconstruction of the tower has been placed on top of the remains of the old tower. Thanks to technology of the future, we can take a look at the past and preserve a piece of history in a modern way.

Would you like to have our 3D model of the tower in your hands? Well, that's possible, we immediately made a paper model of it. You can download and build it right here!



September 2017 - June 2018

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