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Dag en Nacht

We have developed a number of design elements for the TV series Dag en Nacht (Day and Night). For example, the signing in the hospital was made by us and much of the content on the digital screens was also developed by us. ​


Connoisseurs will scrutinize everything they see in a series set in a hospital. It is a fun task for us to make everything credible but still give it our own Protofunk twist, and we did our best! For example, you can discover various measuring equipment in the series for which we have devised and animated an interface. Based on the real deal, of course, but in the style of the world from the series. Much of what we make can actually be used on set. The actors can therefore fully adapt their play to our design, which could sometimes be used fully interactively for this series. We use Unity for this.


​View a selection of our digital and analogue designs for Day and Night on our MIRO board. ​


Fun fact: For this production we made interactive PDF templates for the ID cards, medication stickers, forms, etc. This allowed the production departement to insert the names, occupations and other text before printing.



februari 2022 - april 2022


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